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PhpBB3 Stylesheets Question


Mensaje por anthony77 »

Hello everyone,

The web page I co-admin uses a heavily changed phpbb at it is core. in order to smooth up the code i am attempting to transport a few css back into the default stylesheets that come with phpbb. but i am a bit stressed as to the cause of some of them and am looking for explanation.

according to the phpbb3 support doctors:

not unusual.css - commonplace styling like header, index, footer and so forth.

Does this imply elements that seem on a couple of pages but handiest as soon as per page (like a nav menu)? Or does it imply factors that seem more than one instances per web page on either 1 or extra pages?

content material.css - content and internal pages styling, like viewforum_body.html, viewtopic_body.html etc.

would this file be wherein you'll put all of the css for custom pages that do not have their very own stylesheet? also, if some content material meets the standards of the primary record (not unusual.css) what determines whether or not or no longer you placed it in content material.css?

Thank you!

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PhpBB3 Stylesheets Question  Tema Solucionado


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