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Lanzamiento de phpBB 2.0.9

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ThE KuKa
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Lanzamiento de phpBB 2.0.9


Mensaje por ThE KuKa »

Otra version mas, parece ser que sera la "penultima" antes de phpBB 2.2

Aqui esta el tema en cuestion creado por Acyd Burn

Se han fijado varios problemas:
  • Fixed one vulnerability in admin_board.php - Xore
  • Added checking for proper session id characters to sessions and viewtopic to prevent injections - Bartlomiej Korupczynski
  • Fixed injection vulnerabilities possible with linked avatars
  • Implemented unsetting globalised variables
  • Limited confirm switch to POST variable in posting
  • Changed IP code in common.php to prevent IP spoofing
  • Updated visual confirmation mod [pre-edited files]
  • Moved obtaining word censors in modcp out of topic generation loop [increased performance/lower query count] - spotted by R45
  • Added the ability to link to https/ftps sites using the img bbcode tag
  • Fixed user online information in admin/index.php
  • Fixed getting group moderator in groupcp.php if running oracle backend - spotted by pakman
  • Fixed use of non-existing result variable in modcp (poster_id instead of user_id)
  • Fixed several vulnerabilities (XSS, SQL Injection and path disclosure) only possible with register_globals enabled - Matthew C. Kavanagh, Janek Vind
  • Fixed problem with SID not delivered to next page in groupcp.php
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